Perfect for schools, business’s or sports clubs. We can do any design, logo and colour for your own custom face masks.The 3 ply mask ensures you can maximize your protection against COVID-19. Don’t forget to social distance too!

Minimum Order : 50 units

Lead time: 4-5 weeks

Price on application

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Before using your cloth mask for the first time, machine wash it in detergent, rinse thoroughly and allow to dry completely.

Wash your hands thoroughly or sanitize them before fitting your mask over your mouth and nose.

Repeat this process when you take off your mask.

To reuse your mask repeat the washing rinsing and drying process.

Do not use your mask if it is wet and do not touch the front of your dry mask while you are wearing it.

Your mask should fit snugly to your face – do not hang it around your neck.

Follow the guidelines of the Australian Government Health Department for up to date advice as to the use of your mask

Observe all required Social Distancing rules.



Your reusable cloth mask will help reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus if used properly in accordance with the above directions.

However, your mask is not a medical grade mask and is not a replacement for N95/Respirator and should not be used by front line health care workers

Do not use your mask in any hospital, surgical or clinical setting where the risk of infection is high or where there is a risk of exposure to flammable gas or an intense heat source.

If you experience any irritation using your mask, stop wearing it. Do not use this mask if you have any existing lung disease. Emphysema, Heart disease or breathing difficulty.

Mask outer layer is polyester, sublimated to showcase any  design you like.

Inner two layers are cotton.

Discard your mask if it becomes torn or damaged.